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Eric, Love it more every day -- it's a fantastic home. Some of the fascinating things have been: We don't always know that it's raining -- can't hear it inside the house. The back porch is everything Bruce had hoped it would be and more. The living can be "so private" with such expansive views out the back. The master shower is Everything (with a capital "E") Bruce had ever imagined and I love it. The open-ness of the living area makes having folks over and entertaining easy. I love the kitchen. Everyone loves the ceiling. The laundry room is ALL I had ever fantasized about -- it works real well. All the guys love the Man-Room! All of our friends and family that have stayed in the guest room are happy and enjoy their spacious bath/shower!!! It looks and feels so good.
- Mrs. R. Powell

Hey Eric, Just wanted to thank you for the FANTASTIC job you did on my home! Beth is very happy with the house and you were terrific to work with. We also wanted to thank you for the exceptional pricing. Thanks for helping us with that. My family is grateful and I look forward to all the other projects we will do in the future. 

Best Regards,

Andrew Beno President, Magnolia Homes Inc


Absolute perfection!!!!Looks like a winner!!  We're still looking but we can't find ANYTHINGto change.  We love the flow and style of the entire house.    AMAZING design.  Love Love it.Thanks for your hard work and talent!!!This house brings tears to my eyes it's so beautiful.Thank you so much!Stacey & John Davenport


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